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IMDb Title Scorecard

IMDb Scorecard enables industry partners to easily review and update the titles they represent on IMDb and is the best way for trusted industry partners to get data onto IMDb - including the ability to upload video content. 

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What is Title Scorecard?

Production companies, distributors and other similar entities wishing to submit posters, gallery images, trailers, clips, key credits or other related assets for multiple titles should be using IMDb Scorecard, our new free service which enables industry partners to easily review and update the titles they represent on IMDb. 

This is the best way for trusted industry partners to get this type of data onto IMDb.

Eligibility for Title Scorecard access

IMDb Scorecard is designed for Production and Distribution companies - this means only producers and representatives for those companies are eligible for the service.

Unless directly affiliated with the Production or Distribution company, none of the below roles are sufficient to allow Title Scorecard access.

    • A member of the crew (e.g. Director, Writer, Editors, etc.)
    • A cast member
    • A fan 

If you're unable to verify your affiliation with the company, we'll not be able to provide you Title Scorecard access.

Applying for Title Scorecard

To apply for IMDb Scorecard, head to our Contact Us form to let us know who you are, which companies/titles you represent, along with the email address attached to your IMDb user account. Once we know who you are and the companies/titles you represent, we can add Scorecard to your account. You will receive an email confirming your new access rights with further instructions.

How do I access Scorecard?

Once you have been granted access by an IMDb staff member, log-in to IMDb with the email address associated with your Scorecard account then open the link below:    [link works only once onboarded]

Your Scorecard account will list all companies you are eligible to view (if multiple are assigned). Click the company for the title that you would like to modify.

How do I add a new poster for my title?


1. Find your title in Scorecard.

2. In the “Posters” column you will see the word “Add” if there are no posters on file. Click the “Add” button.

3. On the next page you will be prompted to “Upload Images for…” Click the “Browse” button to find a local stored poster image for your title.

4. Once the image has been selected, click the “Upload” button.

5. Once the poster image is uploaded, check the “Make primary image” box in the upper right corner. You can include copyright and actor metadata on this screen as well.



 6. Click “Publish.” Scorecard images typically go live within one hour.

How do I change a poster for my title?

Please note, if you have previously set a primary poster image on your title via Scorecard - you will be unable to select another primary from the gallery. Instead, you will need to submit a new image to replace the poster. 


1. Follow the same steps as adding a new poster. Note: Instead of clicking “Add” you will see a hyperlinked number on the “Posters” column. This number represents the total number of previous poster images on file for the title.

2. Click the hyperlinked number, then browse to find a locally saved poster image.

3. Click the “Upload” button

4. Once the poster image is uploaded, check the “Make primary image” box in the upper right corner. You can include copyright and actor metadata on this screen as well.

5. Click “Publish.” Scorecard images typically go live within one hour.


Poster Image Requirements: 

  • Please note images need to be in a JPEG format with a minimum size of 50kb and maximum size of 10mb.
  • Resolution should be 300 dpi or higher; minimum accepted resolution is 72 dpi.
  • File size: Images may be up to 10MB; minimum file size is 50kb.

How do I add a new video to IMDb?


1. From the company list of titles on your Scorecard, scroll to the title and click “Add” in the Videos column.

2. On the “Video Upload” page, click the “Browse” button to find a locally saved video file. Select the file and click Open.

3. In the “Video Title” box, name your video. (Example. Top Gun [Trailer], or Forrest Gump [Featurette])

4. Provide a “Video Description.”

5. Select the type of video from the “Video Type” drop-down.

6. Select the maturity level. While most trailers are “Safe,” any video that includes excessive violence, nudity, drug use, or profanity should be marked as mature.

7. Select “Primary Language” Update “Subtitle Language” (if applicable).

8. Select video privacy option. If you want your video to be visible on the site, leave the “No” box checked under “Make Video Private.”

9. Click “Upload” to submit your video.


Note: Videos will typically go live within an hour of uploading, depending on file size.

Recommended Video Settings 

  • File Size: Up to 10 GB
  • Length: From trailers and clips to full length feature films
  • Quality: From standard to full HD 1080p
  • File Format: Most major formats such as WMV, AVI and Quicktime. IMDb also accepts most major codecs but recommends H.264 for optimal results.
  • IMDb does not support ProRes file formats
  • A video file must be uploaded. We cannot link externally to YouTube or Vimeo, etc.

How do I make a video appear next to the poster?


You can find more information on the selection logic for the featured video in our Featured video page display FAQ article

Additionally - if a video is tagged as mature it will be ineligible to display in this section.

What is the difference between Plot outline and Plot summary?


Plot outlines describe the story in a brief 2-3 sentences. The plot outline box is normally used for an official log-line or a brief synopsis. The character limit for the plot outline box is 239 characters.

Plot summaries are a longer narrative form, longer than 239 characters. View the IMDb Help Site article for more information.

How do I add a new Plot Outline or Plot Summary to my title?


1. Find your title in the Scorecard list and click the “Add” button in the “Plot” column. 

2. Enter in a plot outline and/or a plot summary using proper punctuation.

3. Click “Check these updates.”

4. If all updates are properly formatted, click “Submit these updates” to finalize your change.


Note: If there are any errors, follow the prompts to fix punctuation or grammar. Re-check your updates by clicking “Check these updates.” The screen will turn green if the formatting is correct. Click “Submit these updates” to finalise. Submissions will be live within 24 hours.

How can I change a plot for my title in Scorecard? 


1. Find your title in the list and click the hyperlinked number button in the “Plot” column.

2. To change an existing Plot Outline or Plot summary, find the Action drop-down in the plot section you want to change and change the selection from “Keep” to “Correct.”

3. Click “Check these updates” to unlock the free-form text field.

4. Enter in the new text. Be sure to use regular sentence punctuation.

5. Click “Check these updates” once your changes are made.

6. Click “Submit” to complete your change(s).




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