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Can I view In Development titles on IMDb?

Details on projects in development are only available to IMDbPro members.

For the most part IMDb only lists films that have been completed and released, or are in active production. We make a few exceptions for very high-profile projects in development at major studios, but the vast majority of projects in development are listed only on IMDbPro. Many of these projects may not progress past the initial early development stages and into active production, and may be removed without notice.

Detailed information about in-development titles are only available to IMDbPro members, because that data is targeted specifically for film and television professionals.

If you would like to join IMDbPro, click here We offer a 30-day free trial for new members.

If you are already an IMDbPro member and would like to submit a development title for listing on IMDbPro, please visit the new title submission form.

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