Can I remove alternate names listed on my IMDb name page?

Yes. IMDb's aim is to give professionals more control over how information is presented on their IMDb name pages while accurately preserving film and TV credits exactly as they appeared on-screen on IMDb title pages.

Our current policy is that upon verified requests, an individual may choose to remove the display of all alternate names* next to credits on their IMDb name page. In these cases, the alternate name used in on-screen titles will remain visible next to their credits only on the corresponding movie or television show title pages (i.e. in the full list of credits displayed on a film or TV show's own page), but will not be displayed anymore on their IMDb name page.

To request the removal of the display of alternate name information on your IMDb name page, please contact IMDb’s Customer Support for details on how to provide documentation to verify your identity and other information in support of your request.

(*) What is an alternate name? When a person has been credited in on-screen credits with a name other than the one they are now primarily known as, we record that name next to the credit itself on IMDb title pages. For example, Courtney Cox was once billed as Courtney Cox-Arquette on titles in which she appeared while married to David Arquette. On those IMDb title pages, her credits are shown "(as Courtney Cox-Arquette)" to indicate how her name is listed in the actual on-screen main or end titles. The Alternate Names field shown on a movie or TV show title page is automatically derived from these "credited as" attributes, and will therefore include all variations of a person's name that have been used at least once in on-screen credits. They may include pseudonyms, stage names, former or maiden names and even spelling variations.

Note that IMDb’s policies will continue to evolve based on customer feedback.

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