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Company name corrections

The name of a company page cannot be manually changed, instead - you will need to reach out to the customer support team via our Contact Form to request the update. 

Please keep the following in mind when submitting your update:

  • As with all companies, the name should include the appropriate country code in square brackets after the company name - e.g., Company [us]. This is the country where the company or organization is based.

  • Please note that credits need to be listed exactly as they appeared on-screen for the title.

  • Therefore, if your company has been credited on-screen with a particular name, that name/company listing will need to remain in the database as is, so that we can preserve the credit as it appeared on-screen.

  • If your company has changed names (and has on-screen credits with a former name), we can create a new listing for your new company name and link the two listings with an "AKA" affiliation, indicating the company has changed names.

  • For the quickest possible submission time, please be sure to follow our company naming conventions. See them here.

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