How do I add a new company to IMDbPro?

The easiest way to create a new company on IMDbPro is to attach it to a piece of information already on the site.

For example, if your company has a credit on a title, you can add your company via the title’s page. Or, if your company has an employee or client currently listed on the site, you can edit that person’s page and add a new company.

To attach a new company to an existing piece of data (such as a title, or a person), you’ll need to start on that title’s or person’s page. For example your company is a new Product Placement company and just signed a contract to provide product placement services for a new James Bond movie. Start by going to the title/movie on IMDbPro, scrolling to the bottom and clicking Edit Page. On the next page, scroll to the Company Credits section. Currently, there are 4 specific types of companies as well as “Miscellaneous Company” listed in this section. Please choose to Add 1 credit (or more if you need) to the appropriate section. Note: All companies that are not Production Companies, Distributors, Sales Reps or Special Effects companies fall into the Miscellaneous Companies bucket (such as the product placement company in this example). Scroll to the bottom and click on continue.

On the next page, you will type in your company’s name and include the country code in square brackets. Let’s call the company Hollywood Real Products. Since it is based in the United States, it will have [us] listed at the end like this: Hollywood Real Products [us] .

See our Company Naming Conventions submission guide

See the full list of country codes we use.

If you chose Miscellaneous Company, you will now choose a role describing what your credit is for. Or you can type in the role (such as Product Placement).

Click Check these updates.

On the next page, you’ll see either green, yellow or red boxes.

If you see green boxes, it means your company is already in the database and you can follow the remainder of the on-screen instructions.

If you see red boxes, there is a problem with your submission. Most likely you’ve not added the country code in square brackets (see above and feel free to copy the brackets in our example if you don’t know what they are).

If you see yellow boxes, there are additional questions for you to answer. Most often, you will see a list of potential matches for your company name. If you see a match, please choose it. If you don’t see a match, the last option on the list is: “Add this as a new company”. Please choose that option.

Click Re-check these updates.

You should now see green boxes meaning the data is ready to submit. If you see yellow boxes, please read the questions on the screen and clarify/verify what it needs. Click Re-check these updates.

At this point, all the boxes should be green and you can click Submit these updates.

Once you submit the change, you will be taken to a Thank You screen which will have your Contribution Number listed for future reference. This reference number will also be sent to your email address and will always be available in your contribution history.

If your company operates in a field where no on-screen credit is usually given (i.e. Talent Agency, Management Company, Law Firm, Publicist, etc.) please see our instructions on how to add a new company.

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