How can I submit additional verification for a credit submission?

When a submitted filmography update doesn't show up within the normal time-frame, this usually means that we have not been able to verify it; in this situation, the best way to ensure that it is accepted is to supply additional supporting evidence for our editors to review. 

"My name is listed in the titles end credits"

If you're looking to add a fully credited position to a released title, typically evidence will consists of a screen grab/capture showing the person's name and credit as it appears in the main or end titles of the film or show - for example below: 


"My name is not listed in the titles end credits or title is still unreleased"

If you are not listed in the end credits or the title is unreleased - other verification may include proof of employment (pay stubs or receipts, call sheets, contracts) showing that the person worked on the production, or mentions of the person's role on the production in media articles from reputable third party sources etc.

In these instances the credit may be eligible for addition. If the title has been released, we will include the attribute of (uncredited) to reflect your name was not mentioned in the end credit sequence - for more information on this attribute, please see here.


Submitting evidence

  1. Upload these screen-grabs of your evidence on the Web where we can access it and make a note of the links/URLs pointing to it. The information must be publicly accessible on the web, so do not upload anything you are not comfortable sharing

  2. Find your original submission in your update history at Update History

  3. Verify that all the data is still valid. If you need to update/amend the information, you can do so now.

  4. While re-submitting the information, select the option "Provide an explanation to assist in processing this submission"

  5. Input the URL's for your evidence, providing as much information as possible.

  6. Submit the form.


Our editors will review the evidence you provide and confirm if it is sufficient for the information to be added. 

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