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Updated 13-June-2024

Access to these features require an IMDbPro Premium Subscription. Learn more on the IMDbPro Subscription comparison page.

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How do I update my images on IMDb page via IMDbPro?

An active IMDbPro membership is required in order to add or update the images on your IMDb page. Once you've claimed your IMDb page with your IMDbPro membership, you can add up to 200 images to your page, and select your primary and featured images via IMDbPro.

You can directly manage your images by navigating to your IMDbPro page from a desktop computer, and selecting the "Images" tab. You can also manage your images on the IMDbPro app by selecting the photo icon in the upper-right corner of the app, selecting "Your Page", and then selecting the "Images" tab. Learn more about the IMDbPro app

How do I add an image?

You can add images to your IMDbPro name page through the IMDbPro app and desktop version by following the steps below:

  1. On the "Images" tab, select the "Add Image" square at the beginning of your image gallery
  2. Select the "Add Image" rectangle within the window to browse your device
  3. Browse and select the image file from your device
  4. If desired, you may choose to set the image as your primary image; add a caption, photographer, or copyright; or add tags for other names or titles
  5. Select "Submit" to publish the image

How do I add an image to the page of my relative/child/partner who is also on IMDb?

You will need an individual  IMDbPro membership for each name page that you wish to claim and upload assets to.

If you already used your membership to claim your own page, you will need to sign up for another account (using a different email address) to claim another page.

How do I add an image to a movie or TV page?

To add an image to an IMDb title page (e.g. movie, TV show, TV episode, video game, etc.) simply select the "Add Image" option located at the end of the image gallery.

For more information, please see IMDb title images: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set my primary image?

To set an image from your Images page as your primary image from a desktop computer:
  1. Select the image
  2. Select "Set as primary" to the bottom right of the photo

You can also edit your primary and featured images via IMDbPro on your desktop computer or IMDbPro app:
  1. Select the “Edit” link above the "Featured" section
  2. Drag and drop the images to your preferred display
  3. Select "Save"

How do I edit an image I've uploaded?

To edit an image you've uploaded from your device:
  1. Select the image from your "Images" tab
  2. Select "Edit info and tags" link in the image viewer

This will allow you to change the image’s information such as the Caption, Photographer, Copyright, and tagged names and titles. Editing image information is not currently available in the IMDbPro app.

To edit your primary image on a desktop computer, mobile website, and the iOS & Android Apps:

  1. Go to your Images tab or Image Gallery
  2. Select the "Edit Primary Image" button
  3. You should see a modal with your primary image allowing you to crop, rotate, and preview your primary image

New primary images uploaded may not be accessible for customization immediately after upload. Please allow up to 20 minutes after upload to access the customization features of the Primary Image Editor tool.

Can I delete images?

To delete an image added with your IMDbPro membership from a desktop computer or the IMDbPro app:
  1. Select the image from your "Images" tab
  2. Select "Delete"
  3. Select "Delete" in the confirmation pop-up window

You can also request deletion of images which were uploaded by IMDb editorial by clicking "Report this", though these requests will be vetted by IMDb. Note that if there are other people tagged in the image with you, you cannot delete the image in its entirety. However, you can un-tag yourself so that the image no longer appear in your images though it will continue to appear in the other tagged people’s galleries.

What size and format should my images be?

We currently accept the following image file types: GIF, BMP, PNG, and JPEG/JPG.  All images are converted to JPEG before they're published, because all browsers can display JPEG images. All images must be less than 25MB. All images submitted must be at least 500 pixels wide. When possible, we recommend uploading images larger than 500 pixels wide to enhance the quality of the images displayed on our site. We resize photos to fit our image qualifications. The new cropping feature in the Primary Image Editor tool limits primary images to a minimum size of 500 pixels and a maximum size of 5000 pixels.

For primary images on your IMDb page, we recommend a vertical alignment (i.e. portrait orientation). Primary images can now be rotated after uploading and our editor tool will preview both rectangular and circular portraits.

Are changes to my images vetted by IMDb?

Any images that you upload and any changes you make to these images are not vetted by IMDb before they are published on the site. Note that images must adhere to IMDb’s Image Guidelines, and your image may be removed if it violates policy. You can also make changes to images that are uploaded by IMDb editorial, however these changes may be vetted before they take effect.

Are there image restrictions?

When uploading images to an IMDb page, we don't allow the following:   
  • Nudity
  • Profanity or obscene gestures
  • Any contact information (phone number, address, email, or website)
  • Age, height, weight info
  • Advertising for products or services
  • Text or images that infringe on the copyright, trademark, or patents of a third party
  • Frequent or intense profanity
  • Frequent or intense realistic violence
  • Frequent or intense horror-themed content

Your primary image must follow these guidelines:   
  • Your face should be clearly visible in the image, and centered in the frame
  • The image must be in portrait orientation, and at least 500 pixels wide
  • No watermarks or logos should be present on the image
  • The image should be just of you
  • Primary images must be kid-friendly and suitable for all audiences

Please note that content which falls outside of these guidelines may be edited or removed by our editors.

Where will my images show up?

The images you’ve uploaded will be published across IMDb, IMDbPro, and Prime Video.

How long do the changes I’ve made to my images take to show up?

Any changes you make to your images should take affect within a few minutes of your update. Note that there may be some changes which will require vetting by IMDb staff and may take up to a day to take effect. This may occur when you’re requesting a change to one of your images which was uploaded by IMDb editorial, or are requesting to tag another person or title into one of your images.

Can other people change my images?

Users can suggest updates or report images which appear on your page. These requests are carefully vetted by IMDb data editors before publication.

Can I submit a headshot for another person or for multiple people?

You can claim only one IMDb page per IMDbPro membership. If you want to upload images to multiple individuals' pages, you will need to create a membership for each IMDb page.

If you're a Talent Representative and want to add images to your client's IMDb pages, please see more info on Client Shared Editing.

What happens to my images when I cancel my membership?

Any images that you’ve uploaded will be removed from the site when you cancel your membership. This may include your primary image and featured image selections, as well as any images which you have added to your gallery. Note that any images uploaded by IMDb editorial and the changes you’ve made to these images will continue to be displayed on the site even after you’ve cancelled.

I was a Publicity Photos customer. How do I update my images?

If you were an IMDb Publicity Photo customer in the early 2000s, the images you purchased with this service will remain on your IMDb page permanently for free. We're unable to switch these images with new ones. If you wish add images to your IMDb page, you'll need to join IMDbPro.

If you cancel your IMDbPro membership, any images uploaded to your page through IMDbPro will be removed when your membership expires and the Publicity Photo will appear as your primary image.

At this time, IMDb Publicity Photos cannot be edited through an IMDbPro membership. If you'd like to remove an image uploaded through Publicity Photos, please visit the Contact Us page while logged into your IMDbPro account (if you are logged out of your IMDbPro account, please select here instead and let us know how we can help.

How do I update my Featured Images?

To manage your Featured Images, you may either select the Edit pen located on your Name Page or navigate to your photo gallery. Select which images you want to showcase on IMDb, IMDbPro, and Prime Video by clicking on any photo in your Images gallery and clicking or dragging and dropping on an image slot in your primary or featured images.

You can also let IMDb select the images for you. The tool will display all available images and can be sorted by Featured, Date Uploaded, and Title/Event for your convenience. All updates will be displayed across IMDb, IMDbPro, and Prime Video within minutes.

In order to manage your Primary and Featured Images using the IMDbPro app, you can either tap on your Primary Image and then "Select new primary image" or navigate to the "Images" tab and tap on the "Edit" pen next to "Featured". To replace an image, tap on the slot and then the image you would like to place in this location. To adjust the order of your Featured Images, you can drag and drop your images in the "Featured" section. Once finished making changes, tap "Apply" to save your changes. Learn more about the IMDbPro app

Where and how will my Featured Images be displayed?

The images that you have identified as “featured” will appear on your IMDb page and photo gallery, IMDbPro page and photo gallery, and on Prime Video in your selected order:

What happens to my featured images if I cancel IMDbPro?

If you cancel your IMDbPro membership, IMDb will revert to the default logic determining which images are featured on your page. The images you uploaded will not be shown in either the “official images” section or your page photo galleries. IMDb will save your settings so that we can revert to your image preferences if you decide to rejoin IMDbPro.

Under what circumstance could my featured images be overridden?

Your settings for featured images may be overridden by our editorial team if they violate our policy or if the images you select are irrelevant, duplicated, or inappropriate.

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