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What filmography credits are verified vs. unverified?

The following list will differentiate the credits that are unverified and verified. Unverified credits will only show on your IMDbPro page.

IMDbPro (unverified)

IMDb (verified)












Voice Over


Television (including web series)


Video games

Updates to verified data (i.e. Film credits, TV Show credits, Contact information) are submitted to our Data Editors for verification. For details on processing times, please see our Help page: When will my update be added?

How do I add unverified Film and TV Show credits to my page?

All Film, TV Show, and Video Game credits are submitted to our Data Editors for verification. 

If you want to add your credit, but the title isn’t listed yet on IMDb, please see our Help Page for adding a new title. If your role on a Film or TV show was uncredited and the title is listed on IMDb, please see our Help page for adding uncredited credits.

How do I add unverified filmography credits (e.g. Commercials, Theater, Modeling, etc.) to my page?

Your unverified filmography credits (e.g. Commercials, Theater, Modeling, etc.) can all be updated with the “Edit Page” button located at the bottom of your IMDbPro page.

Select the filmography section you want to edit, fill in the information and select “Save” to make your update. Any changes to unverified information will appear on your page once you click “Save”.

Can I reorder my unverified filmography credits?

Unverified filmography credits are displayed in the order added. If you would like to reorder your entries, please delete all and re-add in the order you’d like displayed.

What are “Known For” credits and where are they displayed?

The “Known For” credits are the films and shows that a person is best known for. This provides people who view your page an at-a-glance reference so they can easily see what you have worked on. The credits are displayed in several places across the IMDb ecosystem including search results, STARmeter lists, and your page across IMDb, IMDbPro, and Amazon X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows.

How can I change my “Known For” credits?

While it’s completely up to you, we recommend selecting credits for the projects you would like to prominently feature. This may include work that you feel your fans and others in the entertainment industry know you best for, projects that you are most proud of, your most relevant or recent work. To edit your Known For, go directly to your "Known For" control page or select the edit pen icon on your claimed page, shown on the right of your "Known For" section, and choose the credits you want displayed in your “Known For” section. If you would like to select fewer than four “Known For” credits, you can choose the “leave blank” option. Via the IMDbPro app while editing your Known For, you should first tap on an open slot, then tap the title that you would like displayed in that location. If you want to remove a title from your Known For, tap the title and then tap the "X" that appears below. You can also drag titles in the Known For section to adjust their order.

What credits are eligible for “Known For”?

Verified credits displayed in your filmography are eligible for the “Known For” section of your page. To learn more about what credits are eligible to submit to IMDb and how to submit them, click here.

How are “Known For” credits determined if I don’t edit them?

For an overview of how the “Known For” credits are determined, click here.

When will my preferred “Known For” updates be displayed?

In most cases, your selections will be updated within 24 hours.

Can I select all of the “Known For” credits?

There is currently a maximum of four credits that you can select, and they will display in that order. Note that in some places, only the first “Known For” credit is displayed (e.g. when using search functionalities).

Can I choose to have fewer than four “Known For” credits?

Yes, you can choose to have between one and four “Known For” credits. You must choose at least one "Known For" credit to be displayed.

Do I have to claim a page to manage “Known For” credits?

Yes, you need to have claimed your page and to have one or more verified filmography credits.

What happens to my preferred “Known For” credits if I cancel my IMDbPro membership?

If you cancel your membership, the system-generated “Known For” credits will be displayed on your page. If you renew your IMDbPro membership within 12 months of cancellation, your last saved “Known For” credit selections will be displayed.

What happens if a credit I have on IMDb and have selected for my “Known For” section is removed?

We will move up the next “Known For” credits that you selected and leave blanks in any slots that don’t have one of your selections. However, because at least one credit is required to display “Known For”, we will revert to the automatically selected “Known For” credits if you don’t have one credit that you specified.

When would IMDb determine to make an override of my selection for editorial reasons?

If we determine that one or more of your selected “Known For” credits can be misread as misleading, we will use the automatically generated “Known For” credits. We will notify you if this happens, and as always, you can contact our Customer Service team.

Will my “Known For” changes update my Bio?

No. Known For changes will not affect the projects listed in your biography. If you’d like to update your biography, please visit our Biography Submission Guide.

Why can’t I control other aspects of my profile in this way?

We will continue to listen to your feedback as we work to improve your membership to IMDbPro. Feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

For more information on how to get the most of your IMDbPro membership, please see our Pro Tips

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