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Manage your filmography

This article provides answers to the most common questions asked about the filmography found on an IMDbPro page.

What filmography credits are verified vs. unverified?
How do I add unverified Film and TV Show credits to my page?
How do I add unverified filmography credits (e.g. Commercials, Theater, Modeling, etc.) to my page?
Can I reorder my unverified filmography credits?
How can I change my profession summary?
What are “Known For” credits and where are they displayed?
How can I change my “Known For” credits?
What credits are eligible for “Known For”?
How are “Known For” credits determined if I don’t edit them?
When will my preferred “Known For” updates be displayed?
Can I select all of the “Known For” credits?
Can I choose to have fewer than four “Known For” credits?
Do I have to claim a page to manage “Known For” credits?
What happens to my preferred “Known For” credits if I cancel my IMDbPro membership?
What happens if a credit I have on IMDb and have selected for my “Known For” section is removed?
When would IMDb determine to make an override of my selection for editorial reasons?
Will my “Known For” changes update my Bio?
Why can’t I control other aspects of my profile in this way?

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