Manage your Client List

IMDbPro empowers talent representatives with tools to manage their clients' online presence. Whether you are a talent agent, manager, publicist, or legal representative, you can build your client list to view important details about your clients, identify gaps in their IMDbPro profiles, and monitor their popularity among IMDb users.

Shared Editing

Sort your list

Use the sort filters to navigate through your client list. Name filtering allows you to sort in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order, quickly locating specific clients. STARmeter allows you to sort based on which of your clients are most popular with IMDb users with their current STARmeter ranking. Page status allows you to sort based on which clients are claiming their page with IMDbPro to unlock additional page control benefits.

Public view

You can use the public/rep view toggle to show the way your client list appears to other IMDbPro members who visit your page. This toggle will only display on the "Clients" tab of your own claimed IMDbPro page; no other IMDbPro members will be able to see the "Rep View" option for your client list.

Invite to IMDbPro

If you see “Page is not claimed” next to one of your client’s names, this means that they have not claimed their page via IMDbPro. Click the "Invite to IMDbPro" button to generate an email template inviting your client to join IMDbPro and claim their page. Select "Copy to clipboard" to copy the email template, then send to your client via your standard email application/website (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, etc.).

Photo/demo reel status

Our data shows that pages with photo and video content get the most traffic from both IMDb and IMDbPro users. Use your client list to ensure the content displayed represents their best work. An empty gray icon indicates that the client is missing photo or demo reel content on their page.

Client list tools

The links below the primary image help keep you informed of updates and match your client with the best opportunity. Track manages the type of information you receive regarding this client in your Notifications Inbox. Share generates an IMDbPro card with your client's most important details. Add to list allows you to organize your clients by project or availability.

Recommended edits

Use the checklist to ensure your client's page is not missing any important content. The check will appear for Featured images and Demo Reel if this content exists on the client's page. For Primary image and Known for titles, the check indicates that the client has used IMDbPro tools to select these.

What are shared editing permissions?

For each client page managed through shared editing, you will be able to use IMDbPro’s advanced page customization options for your client's pages via your IMDbPro membership. You'll have the ability to upload images, set primary and featured images, and edit Known For titles for each client's page, with more customization tools coming soon. To get started, simply visit your client list on your claimed IMDbPro page and send a request to your client to manage their name page.

How do I request permissions to manage my client’s page with shared editing?

If you are an IMDbPro member that has a client list, you can view your client list by selecting the "Clients" tab on your claimed IMDbPro page. You will see an option to "request" shared editing permissions for each of your clients who are active IMDbPro members claiming their own page.

Once you send a request, your client will receive an email and will see a banner at the top of their IMDbPro page to ask that they enable shared editing permissions for you, allowing you to edit and manage their page.

You can start using IMDbPro tools to update to your client’s page as soon as your client approves your permission request. You will not be notified when your client approves your request; however, the status of the request in your client list will update from "Requested" to "Allowed", and the recommended edits will change to links to edit those items for your client.

As a client, how can I manage shared editing permissions for my page?

If you have an active IMDbPro membership, have claimed your page, and have a verified representative listed in your Contacts, you can manage your shared editing permissions at any time by selecting "Shared Editing" at the top of the Contacts section of your page on IMDbPro. Shared editing permissions are not granted to your representatives by default; permissions must be granted by you.

Each of your verified representatives which have claimed their own pages via an active IMDbPro will be listed for you to grant shared editing permissions. Toggle the permissions on/off for each representative, and select "Save" to save your changes. Once saved, representatives you've granted permissions to will be able to use the shared editing tools instantly. A notification is not sent to your representative to notify them that you have granted them permissions; they will be able to see the "Allowed" permissions settings from their client list on their IMDbPro page.

Do I need to be an IMDbPro member in order to use shared editing?

Yes. You will need to have an active IMDbPro membership in order to use shared editing to manage your client's page.

Does my client need to be an IMDbPro member in order for me to use shared editing?

Yes. Your client will need to have an active IMDbPro membership in order for you to use shared editing to manage their page.

Is there a limit to the number of pages that I can co-manage via shared editing?

No. You can enable shared editing permissions for all of your clients if you would like, as long as you’re listed as their verified representative in IMDbPro and your clients grant you shared editing permissions.

As a client, is there a limit to the number of representatives that I can manage my page via shared editing?

No. You can enable shared editing permissions for all of your representatives if you would like, as long as they are listed as your verified representative in IMDbPro and they have an active IMDbPro membership.

Can I enable shared editing for someone I do not represent?

No. You are only able to request and enable shared editing for your clients.

Can I delegate shared editing access for someone else to help co-manage my client’s page?

No. You will not be able to delegate shared editing to another IMDbPro account. In order to request permission to use shared editing you must have an active membership and be listed as the client’s representative in IMDbPro.

If my client cancels their IMDbPro membership, are the edits that I made to my client's page removed?

Yes. If your client's page is no longer claimed or their IMDbPro membership expires, you will receive an email notification informing you that their page is no longer claimed and shared editing permissions have been removed. Any edits you made to your client's images and Known For titles, along with the edits your client made to those items via their IMDbPro membership, will be removed from the page.

If I cancel my membership, are the edits that I made to my client's page removed?

No. As long as your client has an active membership and has claimed their name page your edits to their images and Known For titles will remain on your client’s page.

If I cancel my membership and then renew, do I automatically get my shared editing permissions re-enabled?

No. Once you renew your membership you will need to make new requests to enable shared editing for each of your clients.

Can I upload and manage demo reels for my client?

No. At this time, demo reels can only be uploaded and managed by the IMDbPro membership claiming a page; demo reels cannot be uploaded or managed via shared editing.

Can I access shared editing via the IMDbPro mobile website or IMDbPro app?

No. At this time, shared editing is only accessible via the IMDbPro desktop website.

Will I still have access to Client Scorecard?

Client List Management tools, including shared editing, has now replaced the Client Scorecard feature - these will provide an updated and improved way to manage your client list moving forward.

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