How do updates on my resume work?

If I don't have an IMDb page, can I have page created?

Yes, if you don't have an IMDb page, we'll create an IMDb page for you when you go through the claim process.

Will changes on my Resume reflect on my IMDb page?

Any information added to your IMDb Resume will not update your IMDb page. If you wish to add credits or any other data to your IMDb page, please submit your update to our Data Editors by selecting "Edit Page" located at the bottom of your IMDb page.

Are there restrictions on what I can include in my Resume?

The following are not allowed in Resumes:

  • Profanity
  • Slander of individuals or companies
  • Advertising for products or services
  • Text that infringes on the copyright, trademark, or patents of a third party.

Determination of what constitutes any of these things is at the sole discretion of our Data Editors.

How do I add my resume and more information about myself?

Once you've claimed your page, you can add or upload a Resume to your page. Your Resume is a great place to highlight your skills, education, training, credits/awards that aren't eligible to be included on IMDb. To add your Resume, please go to Edit Resume page. To upload your full resume, please go to the Uploaded Resume page.

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