How do updates on my resume work?

How do I add my resume and more information about myself?

Once you've claimed your page, you can add resume information to your page. Your Resume is a great place to highlight your skills, education, training, credits/awards that aren't eligible to be included on IMDb. To add your Resume, please go to Your Page and select "Edit Page" (or go directly here).

What’s happened to the resume section?  

In order to make it easier for you to showcase yourself, we’ve moved all of the resume management capabilities directly on your IMDbPro page.  This will allow you to see how and where the resume data you are adding will be displayed on your IMDbPro page as you are making your edits.  As part of this change, we are also removing the old resume edit screen you previously used to edit your resume.  This will not impact any resume data you previously submitted, and you will continue to enjoy the same capabilities to maintain your resume data as part of this change.  

What’s changed in terms of how I make edits to my page? 

Previously you had to use a separate resume edit screen to update your resume data.  You can now make those change directly on your name page.  This will allow you to see where and how your IMDbPro Exclusive data will be displayed as you’re editing your Resume.  All other verified data points can still be managed via IMDb’s contribution interface.  

Can I modify my resume data from my mobile phone? 

No, unfortunately you can only edit your resume data on your desktop at this point.

Do I still need to “publish” my resume in order to make my changes appear on the site? 

No, you no longer need to publish you resume for your changes to appear.  As soon as you save your edits, the changes should appear on your page within a few seconds.

How long will my changes take to appear on the site? 

Any changes you make to your IMDbPro Exclusive data is unverified and should appear within seconds on your page.  Note that verified IMDb data is vetted and may take up to 24 hours to appear on your page. 

What will happen to data that I’ve previously had in my resume?

Your previously submitted resume data will be un-affected by the changes we’ve made and will continue to be displayed on your IMDbPro page.  Likewise you’ll also continue to have all of the same capabilities to edit, delete, or add new IMDbPro Exclusive resume data points like you were previously able to.  

Will my resume be displayed any differently on my IMDbPro page? 

No, all of your resume data will continue to display in the same way it currently appears on your IMDbPro page.

Will changes on my resume reflect on my IMDb page?

Any information added to your IMDbPro resume will not update your IMDb page. If you wish to add credits or any other data to your IMDb page, please submit your update to our Data Editors by selecting "Edit Page" located at the bottom of your IMDb page.

What happened to my resume page on IMDb? 

We’ve deprecated the resume screen on IMDb and will be sending users directly to your IMDbPro name page instead.  Previously the old IMDb resume screen only showed your unverified resume data.  With this change, IMDbPro users can now see the full scope of your qualifications on IMDbPro including both verified IMDb data and unverified data submitted via Resume. 

Are there restrictions on what I can include in my Resume?

The following are not allowed in resumes:

  • Profanity
  • Slander of individuals or companies
  • Advertising for products or services
  • Text that infringes on the copyright, trademark, or patents of a third party.

Determination of what constitutes any of these things is at the sole discretion of our Data Editors.

I deleted a filmography / contact information, why can’t I add it back?

IMDbPro Exclusive credits only display on IMDbPro and do not appear in your main filmography section.  As such, all new film, television, video, and video game credits must be added directly to IMDb.  This will allow you to show your credits on both your IMDbPro and IMDb name pages.

IMDbPro Exclusive (unverified)

IMDb (verified)












Voice Over




Video games

What happens if I cancel my membership? 

If you cancel your membership, we will suppress your IMDbPro Exclusive data from your IMDbPro page as we do today.  We will save your data, and if you ever decide to renew your membership your data will automatically return to your page.

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