How do I claim my IMDb page?

IMDbPro members can claim their IMDb page, which connects their IMDb page with their membership. In order to upload images, demo reels, select your Known For, and set your Featured Images, you will need to claim your page.

To claim the page, make sure you are logged into your IMDbPro membership, then click on the small icon next to your name in the upper right corner of the page:

Or go directly to the claim page and click "Claim your page".

When prompted, enter your name. You'll need to enter the name exactly as it appears on IMDb. Click "Search" and you will see a list of names matching the string you have entered. Check the box next to your name and click "Next" and you should be able to claim your page and will then able to upload photos etc.

If you don't already have a page on IMDb, you will also have the option to create one. Please be certain that you are not already listed on IMDb (maybe under a different spelling or an old variant of your name) before selecting this option, otherwise creating a new page will result in duplication. If you are already listed, please select the existing page (even if the name is outdated or misspelled) -- you'll be able to update that information at a later time.

If you have already claimed a page, but need to start the process over (for example if you accidentally claimed the wrong page), you can unclaim the page via your Page Controls.

WARNING: be aware that this process will sever the connection between your account and your claimed name page and will erase all resume and images uploaded to the name claimed by the account. Use with caution -- once unlinked, this data is not recoverable.

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