How do I add and edit images on my IMDb page?

Once you've claimed your IMDb page with your IMDbPro membership, you can add up to 200 images to your page through the Resume feature.

To edit and add images to your IMDb page, click "Photos" under the "Edit" section in the left hand of the screen. 

To add images to your page, go to the Photos page and click "Upload Photo" and then browse for the photo file and click "Upload". To set your primary image, click "Set as Primary Photo" under the photo and click the "Publish" button. Your primary image should be of you and only you. We reserve the right to reject drawings, logos, photos of different people, or any other types of images that do not accurately represent the individual.

To edit an image you've uploaded, click the pencil icon next to the image. To delete an image you've uploaded, click the trashcan icon next to the image.

As an IMDbPro member you can select your featured images.

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