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How do I edit or remove a review?

To edit or remove a review you posted, go to your Your Activity page and click on Your Reviews. Click on the individual review to display it and scroll to the bottom of the review which you'll see two buttons which allow you to delete or edit your review. An edited review must go through the approval process again, which means it must meet our current criteria for reviews (line count, word usage, etc.). Please note that in order to prevent abuse, reviews cannot be edited more than 10 times. After the 10th time, the review will be permanently locked and no more updates will be possible.

If you've found a review that violates our guidelines, please click "Report This" at the bottom of the review. We will not remove a review unless it violates our guidelines. Due to the volume of traffic, we are unable to follow up on individual reports.

If you want us to investigate potential abuse, please provide the URL to the exact user review and include the author's name and review's summary.

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