IMDb Mobile Site Registration

For registration and login help for the IMDb mobile site, please see the following FAQs:

I want to reset my IMDb password but I'm having trouble with the security CAPTCHA.

Please reset your password through the IMDb desktop site on the login page select "Sign in with IMDb" and then select "Forgot your Password". You'll need to enter the email registered to your account and the Captcha and then select "Continue". You'll be emailed a link to select a new password.

I want to reset my IMDb password, but I no longer use the email address associated with my account. What can I do?

You can attempt to recover access to your account through the IMDb desktop site. For more information on the recovery option.

This page doesn't have the answer to my question. Where can I get help?

If the question isn't answered on our Help Site, please visit our official IMDb support community powered by Get Satisfaction.

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