A. Introduction | B. Correcting existing data | C. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    A. Introduction

  • To begin submitting data, click on the relevant event on the IMDb Awards page, then scroll to the bottom and hit the yellow Edit Page button.
  • Please note: It is not possible to submit awards data from specific name or title pages. The submissions form is only accessible via IMDb Awards.
  • Please note: We are now accepting submissions for adding events. Please see Event Eligibility Criteria for details about how to submit.
  • To submit an award you need to know the event name, the award name and possibly the award's category name if there is one. You further need to know the year, the award was given in, the ranking, i.e. win or nomination, and of course the recipient(s) and title(s) involved. Additional information can be put into a comment.

Event (e.g. Academy Awards)
Award (e.g. Oscar)
Category (e.g. Best Actor)
(e.g. 2012)
Rank (e.g. Win) | Recipient(s) (e.g. Jean Dujardin) | Title(s) (e.g. The Artist (2011))

  • A detailed listing for the awards data with explanations and examples is available for first timers or to refresh your knowledge.
  • Please also enter the source of the data you are submitting. Which web site, which book or newspaper have you gotten the information from? Note: giving an accessible data source, preferably a URL, for more recent awards is now mandatory.

    B. Correcting existing data

  • Events: We are now accepting submissions for adding events. Please see this guide for details about how to submit.
  • Categories: To add or correct the name of a category, select the correct award from the dropdown, then type "Please add the new category Category Name" into the COMMENTS field at the bottom of the form.
  • Recipients / Titles / Companies: Currently, the only way to edit existing recipient, title and/or company data is to submit a deletion request for the entire award, and resubmit it with the correct information.
  • Please note: You may enter any freetext comments or corrections relating to the IMDb awards by choosing Miscellaneous Comments or Miscellaneous Corrections, then Awards from the main "Edit Page form on any name or title page.
  • Alternatively, please post a question on the IMDb Get Satisfaction User Community if you require more specific assistance.
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