IMDb Title Scorecard

Production companies, distributors and other similar entities wishing to submit posters, gallery images, trailers, clips, key credits or other related assets for multiple titles should be using IMDb Scorecard, our new free service which enables industry partners to easily review and update the titles they represent on IMDb. This is the best way for trusted industry partners to get this type of data onto IMDb.

How to Apply for Scorecard Access

To apply for IMDb Scorecard, head to our contact form and select the path IMDb Fan/Contributor questions -> Scorecard access -> Title scorecard to let us know who you are, which companies/titles you represent, along with the email address attached to your IMDb user account. Once we know who you are and the companies/titles you represent, we can add Scorecard to your account. You will receive an email confirming your new access rights with further instructions.

How to Access Scorecard

If you already have a Scorecard account, you can access it here. Please note, this link won't work until you have a scorecard account.

Using Scorecard to Set a Primary Image on a Title

To ensure that your image uploaded via Scorecard is featured in the primary poster position on the title page, perform the following steps:

  1. Find your title in Scorecard.
  2. Click the link in the "Posters" column.
  3. "Browse" to find your poster image on your computer and then click "Upload".
  4. Once the poster image is uploaded, be sure to check the "Make primary image" box.
  5. Add any other creation, copyright, and actor data.
  6. Click "Publish". Most Scorecard images go live within one hour.
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