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This article explains what Contact Data is and how it can be updated on IMDb along with our Frequently Asked Questions. 


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The term Contact information refers to the different types of connection between companies and people.

For a Company 

    • Direct contact (email, fax, phone)
    • Employees 
    • Branch data (address, contact info)
    • (If agency) Represented clients 


For a Person 

    • Direct contact (email, fax, phone) 
    • Employer 
    • (If an agent) Any represented clients 
    • (If talent) Any representing agents


On the IMDbPro website, most contact information is located on the left hand side of a name or company page:

However employees (for companies) and clients (for companies and agents) are listed under their specific tabs on the page.

Note - if contact information is added to a page via the owners performer profile and there's an orange asterisk next to it, then this information has not been (and cannot be) verified by a member of the IMDb editor team.

This information can only be updated via the page owners performer profile management.




Contact information is only available on (and via the IMDbPro App), this means you can only view and update this information with an IMDbPro membership. 

Industry Insider? Join IMDbPro to update contact information

Its also important to remember that our aim is to only list the most relevant and up to date information, this means we don't list historic contact information that's no longer applicable. 

For deceased individuals our policy is to create a new company for that person's estate (in the form of "Estate of John Doe") and allow it to have representation. For example, you may choose to list the Legal Representative or Publicist of an estate.

How to guide

As there's different types of data covered by the term Contact information, there are a few different things that can be updated - along with a couple of different ways of doing it. 

These are broken down below.

Updating Personal Direct Contact information
Updating Representatives/Representation
Bulk updating client lists
Updating employment details
Updating Company Branch information

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers the most common questions we receive from customers just like you - hopefully the answer to your question is available below.

If not, you can reach out to a member of our support team via the contact form and a member of staff should be able to help you out further.

My representative is right but their contact details are wrong?
My information has an orange asterisk next to it, why?
My agent is wrong - can you update it?
I no longer have IMDbPro, how do I update incorrect contact information?
How can I update my information if the company and/or agent isn't listed on IMDbPro?
What if I try to update information and there is nothing to edit
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