Correcting existing data

We strive for the utmost accuracy on IMDb, but given the high volume of information added to the site, mistakes will occasionally be made. That's where you come in! Whether it's correcting a character name; updating a plot synopsis to make it more relevant; modifying a piece of trivia, or deleting an incorrect cast credit, we welcome all valid corrections to existing data.

Spotted a Mistake?

If you spot a data mistake anywhere on the site, the process of correcting it is very straightforward:

  • Every name and title page has an 'Edit Page' button at the bottom. Simply click this button, then select the data area you wish to correct from the list of options on the next screen.

  • You will also see small 'EDIT' labels next to various bits of data on both name and title pages. You can click these to go straight through to the correction form, which speeds things up a little.

Auditing Credits Lists

When auditing credits to check for accuracy, we would appreciate it if you adhered to the following guidelines:

  • Please do not audit credits from memory alone; you must have recently watched the title in question, and checked off the credits on the site against those that appeared onscreen.

  • Always remember the golden rule: Site credits matching those that appear onscreen must never be changed.

  • If you find that a character name on the site is different to a character name displayed onscreen then please submit a character correction.

  • Please do not add nicknames or embellish such character names.

  • If the role exists in a title but there is no onscreen credit, and the actor playing the role is easily identifiable onscreen, then the (uncredited) attribute should be added. IMPORTANT: In this situation, do NOT delete the existing credit.

  • If there is no character name for an (uncredited) role on the site, you may add a character name based on the rules outlined in our Characters submission guide.

  • If the role does not exist (i.e. the actor/character does not appear at any point in the title), then please submit a deletion, but only if you are absolutely certain that the credit is incorrect.

  • Changes to order numbers should only be made if the existing order numbers on the site are incorrect.
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