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Setting a point talent agent

IMDbPro members can now control which of their representatives are designated as their point contacts on IMDbPro - this will be clearly visible on their name page for other users to see.

The point agent will be always displayed at the top of all reps from the company.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Only “talent” reps can be chosen as point contacts - i.e. those starting with “talent...” (e.g. talent agent, talent agent-voice etc.).

  • The agent must be linked to a company in order to update your point agent.

  • The company can have multiple point agents, but they must be different types of agent. For example, it's not possible to set two "talent agent-voice" representatives as point contacts for the same company, but you can set a "talent agent-voice" and "talent agent-theatrical" point agent for that company.

  • Following on from above, adding a new point will override any previous selection for the same company and talent type.

Setting point contact when adding a new agent: 

When adding a new talent agent to your page, the option to Set as point contact will be shown at the bottom of the form - simply tick this and submit your request for review.

Animated image of setting point agent during addition.

Updating an existing agents:

Using the pencil icon next to any contact information you can update talent agent representation by selecting the company they're associated with, followed by the  button and Set as point contact - you can also untick this option if you'd like to remove them as the point agent.


Animated image of setting point agent during correction.

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