FAQs for IMDbPro Track

What is IMDbPro Track?

IMDbPro Track is a new feature that allows you to get notifications when people or titles you track are in the news. Track is currently available on the IMDbPro app for iOS and Android.

How do I track a page?

You can easily track pages by navigating to the name or title page and selecting “Track”. The page will then automatically update to “Tracking”. After tracking a page, you will receive notifications when that person or title is in the news.

How will I be notified when a person or title I’m tracking is in the news?

When people or titles you track are in the news, articles about them will appear in your Notifications Inbox and in your mobile homepage newsfeed. If you’ve opted into push notifications, you will also receive a push notification with the relevant article.

What news sources are included in IMDbPro Track?

IMDbPro Track will send you notifications with news content from the leading entertainment industry news sources. Track currently includes news from: Variety, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter and Box Office Mojo.

What pages can I track?

You can track a person’s IMDbPro page or an IMDbPro title page. You can’t track company pages at this time.

How do I track myself?

If you claim your own IMDb page, you will automatically be tracking yourself and will be notified when there is an article mentioning your name from a news source included with Track.

How do I untrack a page?

You can untrack pages in three different ways:

1. Go to the IMDbPro page for the person or title you wish to untrack and tap “Tracking”, which will revert to “Track”.

2. Go to the "Tracking" tab from the navigation bar, tap the 3 vertical dots next to the person or title you wish to untrack and tap the "Stop tracking" option.

3. Go to the “Inbox” tab from the navigation bar, tap the 3 vertical dots next to any article that contains a person or title you no longer wish to track. Select “Stop tracking” and the menu will automatically update to “Track”. When you untrack a person or title, articles you previously received will not be removed from the Inbox.

How can I tell why I received a particular notification in my Notifications Inbox?

Each notification in your Inbox will include a note that you received the notification “Because you track…” and the name of the person or title you’re tracking.

Can I delete notifications from the Notifications Inbox?

No, at this time you won’t be able to delete notifications from the Inbox.

Where can I see all the pages I track?

To see all the pages you track, select the "Tracking" tab from the navigation bar at the bottom of the app screen.

Why do I not see some news for people/titles I track?

Not all news articles that mention the title or name you're tracking will appear in the Inbox. Only articles which we believe are relevant to the items you're tracking and only from Variety, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, and Box Office Mojo will show up there. On the other hand, news pages for people and titles will show all news articles where that person or title are mentioned anywhere in the article.

Is IMDbPro Track available on the desktop site?

No, currently Track is only available on the IMDbPro app for iOS and Android.

Is IMDbPro Track available on IMDb?

No, the Track feature is exclusive to IMDbPro members. If you would like to join, we offer a 30-day free trial for new members.

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