How do I add roles to a casting breakdown?

To add a role you must have created and saved a Breakdown.  Under the Breakdown description, select "Add a New Role".

A role entry form will appear where you can input Role Name, Character Type, Description (of the role), Gender, and Playing Age.  Please note, all information marked by the red asterisk is required.

You also have the option to select additional role criteria under the Physical Attributes (Height, Weight, Physique, Ethnic Appearance, Eye Color, etc.) and Skills (Performance Skills, Athletic Skills, Accents, Spoken Languages, Musical Instruments, etc.) sections.  It is not mandatory to select these items to create a role.

Once you have entered all the role information, you can either select "Save" to return to the Breakdown or select "Save & Add Another Role" to add additional roles to the Breakdown.  Once you have clicked "Save", your role creation is now complete.  Please note, talent cannot apply to your Breakdown or Role until you post a casting notice.

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