IMDb Client Scorecard

As a Talent Representative with an active IMDbPro membership and verified client lists you have access to the IMDb Client Scorecard on the desktop version of IMDbPro. This feature allows you to quickly add the following to your clients IMDb page:

  • Additional Photos
  • Biography
  • Height
  • Representation Information
  • Company Information

  • Pro Tip: Client Scorecard also provides the ability to easily see if your client’s IMDb page is claimed by an IMDbPro member.

Accessing Client Scorecard

Claim your IMDb page. Once your page is claimed, the Client Scorecard link will appear below the client section at the top of your IMDbPro page.

Select the “View your client scorecard” link to access the feature:

Here, you can select any item presented in the table to edit your client’s IMDb page.

  • Pro Tip: If you have inadvertently claimed a client’s IMDb page, you’ll need to start over to ensure your own IMDb page is claimed instead, as only Talent Representatives with active clients have access to this feature.

Adding images

To add an image, select the number in the ‘photos’ column. You can easily upload a photo from your computer:

Please note, only images an agency or client has full rights to should be uploaded. Do not upload other copyrighted photos as they will be removed.

Setting primary image

Client Scorecard cannot be used to edit the primary headshot for a client. Setting primary image is only available to the IMDbPro member who has claimed their page.

Adding/editing biography

To contribute a new biography, or edit a current biography, select the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ link within the “Has Biography” column.

Adding/editing height

To add or edit the current height for your client select the height listed within the “Height” column.

Adding/editing client company information

Actors these days wear many hats. Many have their own production companies and would like them represented in the IMDb Company database. To add this information, simply select the ‘Add’ or number listed in the “Employer/Company Information” column.

Adding/editing representation Information

Has a new member been added to your clients’ team? You can select the number shown in the “Representation” column to add or remove members of the team at any time.

More information about updating contact information for people and companies.

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