How do I add and edit images on my IMDb page?

Once you've claimed your IMDb page with your IMDbPro membership, you can add up to 200 images to your page.

How do I upload a new image or edit an existing?

You can directly manage your images by navigating to your images page by selecting the "Images" tab on your IMDbPro page. This will take you to

To add a new image select "Add Image" - the rectangular box with the + in it. 

To set a new primary image, select the image and select "Set as primary". To edit the image (i.e. Caption, Copyright), select the image and select "Edit info & tags".  To remove a image added with your IMDbPro membership, please select the image and select "Delete" and then click "Delete" in the pop up window.

You can edit your featured image by selecting the “Edit” link above the "Featured" section at the top of your six featured images. Drag and drop the images to your preferred display and select "Save". More Featured Images information.

How do I add an image?

Select the "Images" tab on your IMDbPro page. Click "Add Image", then click "Add Image" within the window to browse for the photo file. Once the image file is selected, you can choose to set the photo as your primary image; add a caption, photographer, or copyright; or add tags for other names or titles. When you're finished and ready to publish the image, click "Submit".

How do I set my primary image?

To set an image from your Images page as your primary image, select the image, then click "Set as primary" - bottom right. This will open a tool where you can drag and drop the images in your gallery to adjust your primary and featured image order. You can also access this tool by clicking the "Edit" pen found above your featured images. 

Your primary image should be of you and only you. We reserve the right to reject drawings, logos, images of different people, or any other types of images that do not accurately represent the individual.

How do I edit an image I've uploaded?

To edit an image you've uploaded, select the image from your images page, then the ‘Edit info and tags’ link in the image viewer.  This will allow you to change the image’s meta-data such as the caption, photographer, copyright, and tagging.

Can I delete images?

To delete an image you've uploaded, select the image from your images page, then click "Delete" - bottom right. You can also request deletion of images which were uploaded by IMDb editorial by clicking "Report image", though these requests will be vetted by IMDb.  Note that if there are other people tagged in the image with you, you cannot delete the image in its entirety.  You can, however, un-tag yourself so that the image no longer appear in your images though it will continue to appear in the other tagged people’s galleries.

What changed in terms of what I can do with my images?

You can continue do all of the same things from your image gallery that you previously could do via resume images.  This includes:

  • Uploading images
  • Deleting images
  • Entering details about your photo including; caption, credit, and copyright information
  • Selecting a primary image
  • Setting your featured images across IMDb, IMDbPro, and Amazon Video

With this update you can now also select the type associated with your images and tag titles and other people.  You now also have the ability to update and delete images in your gallery which were not directly uploaded by you (subject to vetting).

Are changes to my images vetted by IMDb?

Any images that you upload and any changes you make to these images are not vetted by IMDb before they are published on the site.  Note that images must adhere to IMDb’s image guidelines, and your image may be removed if it violates policy.  You can also make changes to images that are uploaded by IMDb editorial, however these changes may be vetted before they take effect.

Where will my images show up?

The images you’ve uploaded will continue to be published in the same way across IMDb, IMDbPro, and Amazon Video. 

How long do the changes I’ve made to my images take to show up?

Any changes you make to your images should take affect within a few minutes of your update.  Note that there may be some changes which will require vetting by IMDb staff and may take up to a day to take effect.  This may occur when you’re requesting a change to one of your images which was uploaded by IMDb editorial, or are requesting to tag another person or title into one of your images.

Can other people change my images / can I update other people’s images?

Users can suggest updates or report images which appear on your page.  These requests are carefully vetted by IMDb before publication.

What happens to my images when I cancel my membership?

Any images that you’ve uploaded will be removed from the site when you cancel your membership.  This may include your primary image and featured image selections as well as any images which you have added to your gallery.  Note that any images uploaded by IMDb editorial and the changes you’ve made to these images will continue to be displayed on the site even after you’ve cancelled.

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