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How do I use Advanced Search on IMDbPro?

When searching within IMDbPro, your search can be refined by choosing specific criteria to narrow down results, rather than using search terms. Refined search results will only populate the people, titles, or companies whose profile includes the options you've selected. The more specific the criteria, the more narrow the results will be.

To begin, use the search bar at the top of any IMDbPro page, to find a person, title, or company. If you would prefer to begin without a specific person, title, or company, simply leave the search bar blank and select ‘Search.’ You will find options to refine your search on the upper left-hand side of the screen. 

The available advanced search categories and how they are defined, are:


  • Professional experience: Based on credited profession
    • Profession: Based on 3 most known-for professions based on number of verified credits
  • Name Search: Based on text associated with a name
  • Personal details: Based on categories with info submit via IMDbPro
    • STARmeter range: Based on STARmeter ranking
    • Age Range: Based on birth date rather than specified acting age range
    • Birthplace: Based on verified biographical data submitted with birth date (ex. not including biography text)
    • Physical Attributes: Based on information updated via performer profile
    • Employment Details: Based on Performer Profile data (categories with stars reflect info submitted that has not been verified by IMDb) 
    • Skills: Based on Performer Profile data (categories with stars reflect info submitted that has not been verified by IMDb)



  • Title Details
    • Title Type: Based on the way in which the title is released to the public
    • Genre
    • MOVIEmeter: Based on MOVIEmeter ranking
    • Title Name
    • Filming Location
  • Production & Release Details
    • Production/Development Status: Based on the current production status relating to the title.
    • Release Year
  • Box Office
    • Budget: Production budget range
    • U.S. Gross: Gross Box office range (US & Canada)



  • Company Type
  • COMPANYmeter
  • Company Location

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