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This page provides answers to the most common questions we often hear about regarding lists on IMDb - if your question isn't answered here, head on over to our community platform Sprinklr where another user should be able to help out.

What are lists?

Lists are created by registered IMDb users and are a fantastic way to share your movie, TV & celebrity picks with other IMDb users or just to keep for yourself.

How do I create a list?
What can I add to my list?
How can I edit my list?
How can I move/rearrange the order of list items?
Can I copy items from one list to another?
What text formatting can I use in my list descriptions?
How can I add a TV episode to my list?
How can I delete my list?
How can I update the privacy settings for my list?
How can I share my list?
Can I comment or vote on a list?
What does List Activity track?
Where can I find my lists?
Can I search for lists?
How can I see if an item was recently added to a list?
What are the star ratings displayed below each title on a list?
Is there a limited number of lists I can create?
Is there a limit to the size of my list?
What happens to my lists if I delete my account?
How can I export or print my list?
How do I delete an item or invalid item from my IMDb list?
How do I add a short film to my list?
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