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How do I submit my rating on IMDb?

Any registered IMDb user can easily rate any IMDb title. Rating titles is a great way to share your opinion, keep track of what you've seen, and get titles recommended based on your viewing in the "Top Picks" feature on the IMDb home page.

To submit your rating, navigate to the title page and you'll see the average user rating will show at the top of the screen with yellow stars.

Click the star to the right and select the number of stars to save your rating!

Our ratings are on a scale from 1 - 10. 1 meaning the title was terrible and one of the worst titles you've seen and 10 meaning you think it was excellent.

Your rating is considered in the aggregated user rating for a title. If we have too few ratings, we withhold providing a rating until we have enough.

Example of voting on title

Can't see the option to rate?

The ability to rate a title is only available after it's been released - if you can't see the option to vote it means the system doesn't know the title has been released.

This often means the title doesn't have a release date associated with it - to fix this, submit a release date to the title and once approved, the option to vote will appear.

Don't forget to check out our Votes FAQ for any answers to questions you may have!

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