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Check-ins FAQ

What are check-ins?

Check-ins allow you to share what you're watching or previously watched. We save all your check-ins so you can refer to them later in a list. You can optionally add a short comment and share your check-in with your friends on popular social networks.

How do I check-in?
Why is the check-in button missing on some titles?
Can I check-in for an entire TV series or individual TV episodes or both?
How do I access my list of check-ins?
Are my check-ins public?
How do I reorder my list?
How do I share my check-in list?
Can I see who looked at my lists/how many people read my lists?
What happens to my check-in list if I delete my account?
May I have more than one check-in list?
Can I check-in for something I have seen long ago?
Can I check-in for something I will see shortly?
How can I export my check-in list to a different format, such as a text format?
How do I get my list to show up in one of the tagged sections, like "Horror"?
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