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IMDb Title page refresh

June 30, 2021

Example of the new title page

We are excited to announce the launch of IMDb’s refreshed movie and TV show pages! The renewed page is meant to make your IMDb experience easy and enjoyable, and its design represents the diverse interests of global entertainment fans. The refresh reflects IMDb customer feedback and research designed to enhance entertainment content discovery and navigation.

We hope you enjoy exploring IMDb’s latest update, and thank you for making IMDb the world’s most trusted source for movie, TV, and entertainment content. Entertainment fans such as you are at the heart of how far we’ve come, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback to improve IMDb for you.

— The IMDb website team

Frequently asked questions

What is new about the page?

The refreshed page preserves existing features and enhances accessibility and navigation for an immersive experience. A few sections — such as plot keywords (located in the Storyline section) and Episode information (on TV pages) — have been grouped to improve organization and convenience.

Mobile users will notice more access to movie and TV show content and features than before.

Plot Keywords (located in the Storyline section)

Example of keywords on new title page


Episode information (on TV pages)

Example of episode listings on new title page

Does the refreshed page work on all devices and browsers?
How do I add movies and TV shows to my Watchlist and other lists?
How can I submit feedback or report issues?
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