New IMDb App Features

IMDb TV playback in the IMDb app

IMDb TV titles can be accessed via the IMDb app for iOS and Android, as well as via the IMDb desktop website, Prime Video channels, and Amazon Fire TV devices. For more information, please see the IMDb TV FAQ.

Your Favorite People list (iOS only)

We've created a new list (found in the app menu) to help you keep track of your favorite celebrities.

Once you add them to Your Favorite People, you'll find recommendations on what to Watch Next and some of their Upcoming Projects. The list can be filtered by profession and sorted by specific criteria.

Find Movies and TV Shows

You can take advantage of advanced search tools via the app by first tapping on the Search bar, then tapping "Find Movies and TV Shows".

You can choose from dozens of filter attributes to generate a list of titles that match your chosen criteria.

                                              iOS                                                                                                     Android


Improved Recommendations

Use the new "Recommendations" tab to quickly rate multiple titles and add to your Watchlist. To generate better recommendations, predetermined lists of titles can be found below.

Improved Watchlist tab (iOS only)

Use the new and improved Watchlist tab to help organize and stay up-to-date on the existing titles in your Watchlist, and find suggestions based on trending titles and popular genres.

You May Know Them From

The IMDb app now displays a personalized section under the Filmography section on Name pages, drawing from titles you've rated that include that person. It is sorted from highest rated to lowest rated. Please note, you will need to be logged into an account and have rated titles in order to see this section.

Improved Parent's Guide (iOS only)

The Parent's Guide new includes a color-coded severity display, along with Spoiler warnings, voting on the severity of categories, and a link to submit new items to the guide.


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