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What's the difference between an IMDb page and user profile?

This article covers the following topics:

What is an IMDb account?

user account is associated with your IMDb login and every registered email has one. 

It's connected to your general activity across - giving you the ability to interact with: 

  • user ratings
  • user lists
  • badges 
  • contributions


There's a "Your Activity" page (e.g. which lets you see a history of the these features.

What is an IMDb name page?

An IMDb name page (e.g. information relating to an persons industry portfolio, such as: 

  • filmography
  • biography
  • trivia
  • news

This information is freely contributable by all sorts of user accounts via the Edit page button found at the bottom, these requests are then reviewed by a member of the IMDb editing team.  

Using a user account to claim a name page

To claim a name page with an IMDbPro membership, you must have a user account - then follow our instructions on how to claim your page (you can create a new name page if you don't already have one) and these are then linked together. 

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