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FAQ for the 'Your Activity' feature

What is the IMDb Activity Page?

Your Activity page is a collection of your activities on IMDb from your ratings, reviews, lists, Watchlist, Check-ins, polls, and badges you earn based on your activity on IMDb.

See also: What's the difference between an IMDb page and user profile?

Is my information public?

If you mark your Watchlist, lists, ratings, etc. as private, we'll respect your setting and it will only be visible while logged into your IMDb account. To quickly view what's been marked as private, we recommend viewing your Activity page while logged out of IMDb. Even if your lists and ratings are marked as private, roll-ups of that data may be aggregated and visible as badges or other recognition. When your information is public, you get access to awesome features - like being able to compare your ratings against other IMDb users. See Col Needham's activity page for an example.

What are badges?

Badges are accomplishments that we have designated as worthy of earning a badge. Everyone has a Tenure badge based on how long they have had an account on IMDb, and other badges are either automatically assigned or earned. Available badges are on our Badge Detail page.

  • We currently do not have the ability to retroactively issue badges based on lists, so if you've already rated all these films, simple remove and rerate one of the films and the badge will be issued.
  • The badges may take as along as 24 hours to issue.
  • If you unrate one of the films on the list the badge will disappear within 24 hours.
  • There is currently no notification for a badge issuance.
  • Why is my page missing the Watchlist/Check-Ins section?

    The section will appear when you add something to the Watchlist or Check-In for the first time.

    How do I change my privacy settings for my ratings?

    To change your ratings privacy, click your name from the right hand of the screen and select "Your Ratings" from the drop down menu. Click the 3 vertical dots and select "Settings" from the menu, then select your preferred privacy setting, and click "Save".

    How do I change my privacy settings for my lists?

    You'll need to update the privacy settings for each individual list. Select your name from the right hand and click "Your Lists" from the drop down menu, click "Settings" and select your privacy setting.

    How do I change my privacy settings for my Watchlist?

    Navigate to your Watchlist, click "Edit", and then select "Settings" to update your Watchlist privacy and click "Close".

    How do I change my privacy settings for my Check-ins?

    Check-Ins are currently always public and cannot be made private.

    How do I change my privacy settings for my Recent Polls?

    Recent Polls are currently always public and cannot be made private.

    How does "Compared To You" feature work?

    If you set your ratings to public, and visit someone else's activity page that also has public rating, you can see an interesting chart on how their tastes compare to yours. Here's our founder Col Needham's activity page. The page will do a Pearson Correlation between two users ratings and display a statistic about how much your tastes overlap. Note that this feature is under development and the number could change dramatically and you should not make potentially life-altering decisions based on this rather arbitrary number. It will also display a set of films for which your ratings diverged form each most dramatically.

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