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I never received my registration email. How do I login?

When you register for IMDb, you're required to enter a valid, active email address. Our automated server sends a special link to your email address to activate your IMDb registration. This step ensures that a valid email address is provided and to verify that the person registering for IMDb is the actual owner of that email address.


Here are some helpful hints if you don't immediately get your activation email:

  • Be Patient: though most activation emails are sent and delivered immediately, delays can happen. Please allow up to two hours to receive the registration email.
  • Double-check your email address: the activation link is sent to the email address you provided. If you typed your address incorrectly, our activation email will never reach you.
  • Check your anti-spam filters: if you or your email provider have activated some kind of anti-spam filter to discard junk mail, our activation mail may have been trapped as a result. If you're using programs like SpamCop or SpamArrest, which stop incoming email from being delivered unless the sender manually clicks on the link provided in an automated reply, our activation link may have been stopped as a result. Free email services like also offer 'junk mail' filters which, at the highest setting, can trap most incoming email. Please check that the activation email isn't being discarded by one of these filters. Most of these utilities include a feature to rescue incorrectly discarded email.


Please also make sure you explicitly allow incoming messages from these two email addresses:

If possible, you should also add our domain name to your spam filter's list of trusted/allowed mail domains.

To request another registration email, please visit this page.

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