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IMDb is the premier source of global entertainment content. Linking or hyperlinking to IMDb from external sites and social media channels is a way for audiences to learn or discover more about movies, TV shows, video games and the people that make them.

You may be entitled to a limited, revocable, and nonexclusive right to create a hyperlink to IMDb so long as the following guidelines are satisfied:

  • Linking to IMDb to "discover more" is not the same as copying and pasting content from IMDb. For example, a movie review may describe the film and link to IMDb as a way for readers to "learn more", but the same movie review cannot take and reprint content from IMDb without express permission or a commercial content license.

  • You may not use any IMDb logo or other proprietary trademark as part of the link without express permission or a commercial content license.

  • You may not copy IMDb's Star Ratings without a commercial content license. IMDb provides a Star Ratings Plugin for non-commercial, limited use e.g. one-off or a small number (3-5) uses per site/channel.

  • The link must not portray IMDb or its services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise offensive matter. Nor should your link to IMDb imply any endorsement by IMDb of your website, product, or service.

To obtain a license or express permission for broader use, see IMDb's Developer site.

Linking to the IMDb Home Page

Please use the following information when linking to our home page:

Official Name:

Linking to a Title or Name Entry

To link to the main page of a person or title entry in our database you can just cut and paste the URL you see at the top of your browser when you look them up.

An example might be: 

if you wanted to link to Sleepless in Seattle, you could look it up and you'd see the URL was...

Example of title URL

Note the final / at the end of the URL; if you leave it off we'll redirect browsers to the correct link, but this will introduce a delay in getting to the actual information.

How about copy a name link?

Perhaps after linking to Sleepless in Seattle, you wanted to link to Tom Hanks.

Here's the URL - found by the same method as above:

When linking to IMDb, we ask that you let your users know that the link leads to us. For example, if your page was about Tom Cruise, you might say:

"Find out more about Tom Cruise on IMDb."

Deep Linking to Specific Information

Another thing to note is that you don't just have to link to the main page of a movie or title. We break up our data into separate categories, so if you're referring to a piece of trivia about say, North by Northwest, you can go to its trivia page and copy that URL from your browser to use instead:

North by Northwest main page link:

North by Northwest trivia page link:

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