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FAQ for the ‘Recently Viewed’ feature

What is Recently Viewed?

At the bottom of almost every IMDb page, you will see a list of pictures under the heading "Recently Viewed". This feature keeps track of the people, movies and TV shows that you look up on IMDb.

How do I clear my Recently Viewed history?

To remove the pages from your history, navigate to Recently Viewed and click "Clear your history".

Can other IMDb members view my history?

Other IMDb users cannot view your history. Your history is only visible on the browser that you viewed the pages from.

Why is Recently Viewed useful?

Recently Viewed is a navigational tool that helps you re-find people, movies and TV shows that have previously interested you. It's also a nice way to remember what you've been up to on IMDb.

How do you decide what goes into my Recently Viewed footer?

As you visit pages for people, movies and TV shows on IMDb, we add those people, movies and TV shows to your Recently Viewed footer. Your recently viewed footer is based on your browser, so it will not follow you as you move from your home to work computer or from your computer to your mobile device. We clear out the footer if you haven't visited the site for a while. And we only keep a fixed number of items at any given time. If you have visited a lot of pages, we'll start removing the oldest pages to make room for new ones.

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