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Updated 18-August-2023

This article provides answers to many of the common questions asked by users in relation to IMDb's voting feature - if your question isn't listed here, our friendly IMDb Community should be able to help our further.

What are IMDb ratings?

IMDb registered users can cast a vote (from 1 to 10) on every released title in the database. Individual votes are then aggregated and summarized as a single IMDb rating, visible on the title's main page. By "released title" we mean that the movie (or TV show) must have been shown publicly at least once (including festival screening).

Users can update their votes as often as they'd like, but any new vote on the same title will overwrite the previous one, so it is one vote per title per user.

Are ratings the only tool IMDb offers to assess viewers’ opinion of a title?
How do I see my ratings?
How often are IMDb's ratings updated?
How can I export my ratings history to a spreadsheet or another site?
How do you calculate the IMDb rating displayed on a title page?
What does ‘weighted average’ mean?
Do my ratings count toward the aggregate rating for a show or movie?
I don’t agree with the IMDb rating. Is your system broken?
Why should I trust the IMDb rating to be accurate?
Should I just look at the IMDb rating for a movie to decide what to watch?
Some users voted 1/10 for a well-reviewed movie, so these votes must be fake. Can you remove them?
A movie has received awards and great reviews, and surely deserves a much higher rating. Can you update the rating?
A movie/show was never shown outside the USA and yet you show several ratings from non-US users. Clearly these are fake and should be removed?
I know for a fact that many people who negatively rated a movie couldn't have seen it. Will you delete their votes? They are clearly trying to negatively manipulate the rating.
There are thousands of people rating a movie that has only screened once at a festival. These can't be genuine ratings. Can you help?
The rating on my movie or show has suddenly dropped from 9 to 2. Something must be off. Is your system broken?
The rating on a title changed even though the total number of votes did not. Can you explain this?
Why are certain movies and shows missing an IMDb community rating?
How are ratings assigned to a country and how can I update the country attached to my ratings?
Why did you remove rating by demographic (age / gender)?
Where are the IMDb Top 250 Movies and IMDb Top 250 TV Shows lists?
According to the rating, a title should be included in the Top 250 Movies / Top 250 TV Shows. Why isn't it included?
Why do some movies in the Advance Title Search results for Top 100 and Top 250 have a badge indicating a movie's ranking within the Top 250?
How do you calculate the rank of movies and TV shows on the Top 250 Movies and Top 250 TV Show lists?
How can I share my ratings?
What are user reviews and how do they differ from user ratings?
Do you delete negative reviews for a title?
How do you choose which review is displayed on a title page?
Why should I trust a particular review?
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