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Why do you list Chow Yun-Fat's name as Yun-Fat Chow?

For sorting purposes and consistency all the names in IMDb are stored in "lastname, firstname" format within the database itself.

For example:

  • Paul Newman is stored as Newman, Paul
  • James Earl Jones is stored as Jones, James Earl

When displaying filmographies and film credits, the names are converted to the more common/clearer "First Last" format (i.e. Cruise, Tom is shown as Tom Cruise).

The Chinese however write their names putting the family name first. In Chow Yun-Fat's case, for example, Chow is the family name (like "Smith") and Yun-Fat is the first name (like "John").

Therefore, according to the rule above, the name is stored in IMDb as Chow, Yun-Fat and displayed in film credits as Yun-Fat Chow

By the way, a case like the above is easy to determine because there's a dash in the name, which typically identifies the first name.

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