Sales agents

  • A sales representative is a firm that works on behalf of the producer of a film or television project to sell distribution rights in given media and territories. In the industry, these firms are sometimes referred to as international sales agents or producers' reps.
  • The sales representative section records past and present sales representatives, in all media and territories. However, the absence of a sales representative for a given combination does not necessarily mean there was none; we may simply lack the relevant data.
  • The company name should include the country code in square brackets after the company name - i.e., Company [us].
  • We formerly listed sales representatives in the distributor or miscellaneous company lists, but have since created the sales representative list. While some sales representatives also distribute films in select territories, representation and distribution are distinct functions on a title and are therefore listed as separate credits on
  • We do not remove a sales representative after it stops selling a title; rather, we modify the year range to reflect the end of the firm's agency over the film.
  • The "order" field can be used when more than one sales representative is listed, to control the order in which they are listed; the first one to appear on a given title should be 1, then 2, etc.
  • Sales representative information is displayed on IMDbPro only.
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