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    Event Eligibility Criteria

    For the Event to be considered for listing on IMDb it should meet the following criteria.

    Events must:

  • Not already exist. Please check the Events list before submitting a request.
  • Be specifically centered around movies, TV, or video games. For example, a lifestyle magazine may include a 'film of the year' category in its annual award ceremony, but the Event itself is not centered on movies and is therefore not eligible at this time.

  • Be current. Historical Events are not eligible at this time.

  • Be established for more than 5 years.

  • Have an official website.

  • Have a well-established jury or method of selecting winners. For example, anyone can start a website with voting mechanisms, and any would-be critic can select their favourite movies of the year and announce them on their own website or social media profile - these Events are not eligible.

  • Have received regular international or national press coverage (wide or trade). For example, a nationally broadcast awards ceremony or a festival award winner announced in recognized trade or other media publications would be eligible for listing. An Event with only local news, social media, fan or blog coverage is not eligible for listing at this time.

  • Wildcards:

  • If the Event does not meet the above criteria, we will consider Events if they have generated a considerable amount of public interest. For example, if a festival premiered a movie that went on to win an Oscar, that Event would be considered for listing (please note, the Event should have played an important part in the movie's release, like a premiere - just screening it does not make the Event eligible unless the other criteria are met).

  • How to Submit An Event

  • If you believe the Event you are requesting meets the criteria please reach out using our Contact form. To be considered for listing you must include details of how the Event meets the above criteria. Incomplete requests may not be considered. If the Event is accepted we will reply to your message within 14 days.

  • If the Event is not eligible, and you would like to add award nomination/winning information to title and name pages that do not have an Event page, please use the Title Trivia or Bio Trivia sections. Festival screening dates should be added to the Release Dates section.

  • IMPORTANT: We realize that there are already many Events listed on IMDb that do not meet this eligibility criteria. We apologize for the inconsistency - the above criteria are a temporary measure until we schedule development work to improve the Event request/creation pipeline and storage/management of the associated Awards data.

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