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How can I add video content to IMDb?

Videos on IMDb come from several sources: trailers and other promotional videos are typically supplied by studios, distributors and publicists; demo reels are uploaded by talent directly; film/TV episodes are linked from video content partners (such as Prime Video) or uploaded directly by filmmakers.

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If you're an actor or filmmaker and wish to upload your demo reel, which will be available/viewable directly from your name page, you will need to join IMDbPro. We offer a 30-day free trial to new IMDbPro members. Once you've joined IMDbPro and created or claimed your IMDb page, please go to the Demo Reels page to upload your reel.

Video content directly to title pages (IMDb Title Scorecard)

Production companies, distributors and other similar entities wishing to submit trailers, clips, or other related video for multiple titles should use IMDb Title Scorecard, our new service which enables industry partners to easily review and update the titles they represent on IMDb. This is the best way for trusted industry partners to get their videos onto IMDb.

To apply for IMDb Scorecard, fill out the Scorecard Application form to let us know who you are, which companies/titles you represent, along with the email address attached to your IMDb user account. Once we know who you are and the companies/titles you represent, we can add Scorecard to your account. You will receive an email confirming your new access rights with further instructions.  

Adding external video URL links

If you don't fall within any of the above categories, you can still link video content to your titles or pages by submitting external video links (e.g. links to video content found on other sites like,, etc.)

To submit these links, please visit the title page you want to submit a link and click the "Edit Page" button located at the bottom of the page and choose the 'Add 1 Item" option next to appropriate category (e.g. 'Trailers' or 'Videos/clips') under the "Link to other Sites" heading and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Important: Once approved, the links will appear on the page for the film in the 'External Links' section but will not trigger the display of the actual trailer on, since the content is hosted externally.

Correcting video tags

Videos that are tagged to a title or name page will appear in those respective galleries - to add or correct name or title matches to videos, please report this via the Video Change Request form by selecting "IMDb Contributor > I need help and haven’t submitted an update > Images & video > Remove/update videos" and a member of staff will be able to help out. 

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