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How can I submit credits for a TV series?

Credits on episodic TV shows must be submitted as additions to individual episodes of the show, rather than to the main parent listing for the series. In other words, even if someone worked on several episodes of a show or even for one or more seasons, he/she should be added to the cast or crew of each episode in which he was featured. 

However, there are a handful of exceptions. In almost all cases, you need to tell us exactly which episodes the person worked on.

Exception 1: Missing Episodes

A series-wide credit is permitted if both these conditions are true: you specify a year range (in the character field for cast credits, or the attribute field for crew credits) and we don't currently list any episodes for the start or end year of that range. We would much prefer you to tell us which episodes we're missing or add these yourself using the "Add Episode". You can add your credits to the new episode at the same time. Further instructions on how to do this can be found here

If some episodes are missing and for any reason it's not feasible for you to tell us about all of them, then you can still tell us the correct year range but you may need to use a combination of episode and series credits to do it.

E.g. if you submit a year range of "(2004-2006)" but we already list a 2006 episode for that series, your credit will be rejected. For your credit to be accepted, you should change it to just "(2004-2005)" and submit your credit separately for the relevant 2006 episode(s). This will result in "(2004-2006)" being displayed in our filmography listings.

This workaround will not give you the correct episode count (e.g. "24 episodes, 2004-2005"). The only way to achieve that is to tell us about each individual episode credit.


Exception 2: New Series Titles

If you're submitting a new series title, then series-wide credits are permitted as supporting information. Year ranges are not compulsory in this case, but we still prefer them.


Adding credits to multiple episodes

To add credits to multiple episodes of a TV Series you will have to do this from the parent series itself, please see these instructions:

1. Navigate to the Series page on (for example:
2. Scroll to the bottom and select "Edit Page".
3. Next to cast (or whatever credit you're adding), select the drop down and choose "add 1 credit".
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Continue".
5. Enter the filmography name (you will be prompted to click the correct one).
6. Click on the small black symbol to the right of the episode field.
7. Select all of the episodes you were involved in.
8. Enter the characters name and any attributes required.
9. Scroll to the bottom and click "Check these updates". 
10. Correct any problems you are prompted with.
11. Scroll to the bottom and click "Re-check these updates".
12. If all is now green, scroll to the bottom and click "Submit".  

Once you have submitted these our editors will be able to review the additions and approve or reject as necessary. You can see our current processing times here.

How TV Series credits are displayed

On TV series pages, the credits displayed are an aggregation of all of the episode credits for that series. The number of episode appearances is added up and the original air dates of those episodes combined to create a year range, resulting in a credit like this:

Craig Charles .... Dave Lister (52 episodes, 1988-1999)

Series-level credits are also rolled in. So if we also had a series-level credit for Craig Charles on the same series with a 1991-2001 year range, the year range would be expanded thus:

Craig Charles .... Dave Lister (52 episodes, 1988-2001)

If we *only* had the series-level credit and no episode credits, then the credit would be displayed like this:

Craig Charles .... Dave Lister (unknown episodes, 1991-2001)

Attributes are stripped during aggregation, and episode credits with "archive footage" attributes are excluded altogether.


Known Issues

The "Created by" and "Written by" leaders at the top of TV series pages aren't currently aggregated from episode data. This means that as writer credits are migrated to the individual episodes, these lines will temporarily disappear from the site. We're working to rectify this display problem, but rest assured that the credits are not lost and are still listed on the "full cast and crew" page and on the individual episodes.

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