What are the rules of an IMDb FAQ discussion page?

The purpose of the IMDb FAQ discussion page is to give FAQ editors a place to discuss issues and reach a consensus in order to avoid editing wars on the FAQ page itself. The discussion page is also a place for suggestions for improvements for the FAQ page itself, such as a suggestion to reorder the questions proposing a new question. Keep in mind that by posting in IMDb FAQ Discussion page, you agree to follow the ON-LINE SERVICES TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE.

IMDb will enforce a zero tolerance policy on users who violate these policies. Violators will lose all the rights associated with an authenticated account, including the right to edit FAQ pages. Users who lose their authentication rights due to violations of these policies will not be able to regain them.

Discussion Page Guidelines:

1. Respect other contributors and interact in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere: As IMDb's contributors come from many different backgrounds and have widely different views, treating others with respect is key to collaborating effectively. Be civil and avoid making personal attacks or sweeping generalizations.

2. Do not vandalize: Vandalism is any addition, deletion, or change of content made in a deliberate attempt to compromise the integrity of IMDb.

3. Discussion pages are not message boards: Keep the conversations to issues related to editing the FAQs only.

4. Discuss edits: If one of your edits has been reverted and you change it back again, leave an explanation on the discuss page. If you have a question about another contributor's edits, ask them about it.

5. Post a concise and clear comment: To keep conversations on track and easily understandable for everyone, please keep your comments brief and to the point.

6. Read previous postings before entering a new one: You might find that your issue may have been already discussed and resolved.

7. When answering a post, reply directly underneath it: Then, the next post will appear underneath yours, and so on. This makes it easy to see the chronological order of posts, so that the one at the bottom is the most recent.

8. Discuss a new topic by using the "add" button: Do not discuss a new issue in an ongoing discussion.

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